How to stream the World Series live if you’re in the US has a legit, HD, live stream of the World Series… but it’s blacked out in the US and Canada. Here’s what I did to be able to watch the game from the comfort of my desk at work.

Things to note:

  • This is not free; it’ll cost you around $30 to watch the rest of the world series.
  • The following guide is somewhat technical (though doesn’t require any programming), and is Mac-specific.
  • Do this at your own risk; I bear no responsibility whatsoever for following the instructions below.

Part 1: Get a Linode server in the UK

I may have left out a few minor steps here — if you get stuck, ask for help in the comments.

a. Sign up for an account at . Choose the smallest server size – the $19.99/month one is fine.


It’s $19.99 for a whole month, but Linode will reimburse you for unused full days when you cancel. So just make sure to cancel it when you’re done with it after the world series.

b. Choose “London” as the location

c. Go to the Dashboard for your new Linode, and click “boot”. Choose “Ubuntu 12.04 LTS” as the operating system. Use the defaults for disk and swap size.

d. Wait for it to finish booting – will take a few minutes. You’ll know it’s done when you see this on the top right:


f. Click to the Remote Access tab. Next to where it says “SSH Access”, note the IP address.


g. Open a Terminal window. (Press command-space to open Spotlight, then type Terminal, then select the Terminal app and press enter.)


h. Type the following command (using your IP address from step (f) instead of and press enter:

ssh -C -D 8080 root@

You’ll be prompted for the root password you created when setting up your linode. Enter it now.

i. You now have an SSH tunnel set up that will let you proxy your Mac’s internet traffic through your London-based Linode. Don’t close this window. You can minimize it if you want. If your connection gets disrupted, you may need to run the above command again to log back in.

Part 2: Tunnel your internet traffic through your new Linode

a. Open up System Preferences (command-space to open Spotlight, type System Preferences, choose the System Preferences App, press enter)


b. Click “Advanced…”


c. Click Proxies



d. Check the box next to “SOCKS Proxy” (make sure it’s the only box checked). Enter “localhost” for the proxy server name, and 8080 for the port number.


e. Press OK, then Apply.


f. You’re now tunneling your HTTP traffic through your linode. To confirm that it worked, go to and confirm that it shows that your IP address is your Linode’s IP address.

Part 3: Sign up for

a. Go here and sign up. It’s $24.99 for the rest of the postseason.

b. Once you log in, you’ll see a page like this:


c. At game time, press “Watch”. It’ll pop up the player. If all is well, the player will load and the stream will be live!

If you get a message about blackout restrictions, it probably means that something in step 2 didn’t go right. Make sure that your ip address according to is your Linode ip, and try again.

Good luck and go Giants!